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Lerwick Designs was started years ago when I was making jewelry and selling around Northern California at various trade shows and fairs. Along came my two children and I decided working in my shop at the time was not the best environment for them. At the time I was also playing music and the band I was playing with enlisted me to create our flyers and one thing led to another, and I started making Cd packages for all kinds of different musicians. Soon I was getting requests from other companies and individuals who needed help with their logo and branding, and well as product labels and design. However,

I am not doing much graphic design these days. I will

be updating my website soon with other projects I have been undertaking but one thing that has recently come back into my life is painting which I added under the painting tab.

At some point I will include my graphic design portfolio and other art related ventures, so please stay tuned.


Parsons school of Design in New York City 1986-1988

Parsons school of Design in Paris, France 1988-1989

Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri 1990-1991 BFA



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